Research and Assessment Conference Scholarship

To demonstrate our commitment to the development of professionals in the information and visitor services field, CIVSA and the Research and Assessment Committee have made available a scholarship designed for members to complete research in the field of collegiate information and visitor services. One scholarship will be awarded, which will waive the conference fee for the CIVSA Annual Conference, as well as provide for transportation and lodging up to $300.

To qualify, one must be a current CIVSA member with a minimum of three years of service within the information and visitor services field or their campus community. If awarded, the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a program proposal to the Conference Program Committee and agree to present their research or advancements at the CIVSA Annual Conference. Finalized work will further be published in CIVSA’s yearly Research & Assessment Edition of The Welcomer and posted to the CIVSA website post-conference.

To be eligible, interested candidates are asked to submit their completed research by February 23, 2018 to Jenna Harris, Research and Assessment Chair, at

For more information, please read the criteria and requirements for the Research and Assessment Conference Scholarship.

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